Introduction to Shiny

Augustin Luna
26 January, 2016

Research Fellow
Department of Biostatistics and Computational Biology
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

What is Shiny?

  • Provides an easy and quick way of presenting data and engaging with users
    • Share your analyses with users that do not know R
  • An R-based web application framework for interactive R scripts and visualizations
  • Developed by RStudio
  • Web applications can be run locally, on a web server, or hosted by RStudio at
  • Can handle complex situations
    • File uploads for data processing
    • Interactive plots

Shiny App Structure

  • Two components
    • User interface script: controls layout and appearance
    • Server script: contains code to run any analyses visualized in the app
  • Conversion of R code to an HTML (website) is handled by the shiny R package
    • Knowledge of web development is not necessary, but custom Javascript, HTML and CSS can be included

Hello World! Shiny App Screenshot